Date Time Title Link
08 March 12:30 PM Masterclass for Beginners:
How to grow your business online with basic Google Ads
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08 March 1:30 PM Masterclass for Experienced Digital Marketers:
How to grow your business online with the full power of Google Ads
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11 March 10:30 AM #IamRemarkable Workshop:
Build your confidence, own your success
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15 March 02:00 PM Fireside Discussion:
Enabling women entrepreneurs in Africa through mentorship, sponsorship and allyship
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16 March 04:00 PM Fireside Discussion:
Enabling small businesses across Africa
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18 March 10:30 AM Workshop:
#IamRemarkable 2 (In collaboration with Herconomy in Nigeria)
25 March 10:30 AM Workshop:
#IamRemarkable 3
TBC TBC Fireside Discussion:
The role of women in building the economy
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